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The only thing that never changes is change itself

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BrightSky ClearMind

A procurement and change facilitation agency, majoring in the Financial Guidance, FinTech, Communication and Media space. Specialising in financial vulnerability, customer engagement strategies, sneaking up on problems and nullifying them. Bespoke Procurement solutions.

BSCM (London) excels in procurement process change.

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BrightSky ClearMind

A procurement agency majoring in strategic procurement & negotiation strategy, finding the value opportunities, category management and bespoke procurement solutions.


BSCM (Sydney) excels in high performance procurement.

BrightSky Sydney

Andy Franks
Managing Partner

A procurement leader with a wide range of global business experience for major PLC’s, world renowned brands as well as NFP's and start-ups. Andy has a proven track record of unlocking significant value for clients, managing award winning teams, consistently delivering positive change and substantial business benefits in major management roles. 

BrightSky ClearMind
Management Team

BSCM has a broad network across the globe. Our network includes: Change managers, project managers, software developers, innovators, strategic procurement leaders all of whom are committed to...



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