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Just some of our success stories
PROJECT 1 - Brand Agency (AUS)

Complete restructure of a Sydney brand agency's procurement function. Delivering considerable process and finance benefits to a rapidly expanding global business.


Annualised savings $2m.

PROJECT 2 - Media/Publishing Group (AUS) 

Undertook a complete review of a global businesses Australian operation. Discovered significant value opportunities, in addition to unpicking complex legacy relationships.  Restructured complete procurement function across 17 de-centralised businesses to unlock greater category visibility.


Annualised savings $35m.

PROJECT 3 - High Street Bank (UK)


A significant procurement change management project to address strategic communications issues within a major financial institution. Unlocking talent value as well as improved contractual outcomes.

Result = Increased customer engagement, happy team, enhanced culture!

Annualised savings £5m.

PROJECT 4 - Leading Charity (AUS)

Negotiated and coordinated the electricity contracts of 98 different business units into a unified consolidated contract. Delivering transparency, savings & operational improvements.

Annualised savings circa $200k

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